Thursday, February 21, 2013

Catching Up on 4 Weeks of (Blogging) Nothing: Part I: Roma, la città eterna

Okay, okay. I know I am well over due for another post. I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since my last one; my only defense is that four weekends in a row of traveling is rather tiring… All right, so that’s a bad excuse, but I at least my blog hasn’t been abandoned completely (for whatever that’s worth)!

I guess I’ll work my way backwards with the trips, so over the next week or so, you'll be updated on my trips to Venice, Lecce, and Genoa. (Also, classes started this week, but I already have too much to catch up on with the trips, so my new classes will be in a later post.)

Most recently, the VU group traveled to Roma, la città eterna! (… For you “Lizzie McGuire” fans out there: “Rome, the eternal city. Did no one read the info packets?”) I’m not sure if any description can do it justice, but Rome is beautifully splendid and full of history. I jam-packed a lot of sites in the four days we were there, and, except for one church, la chiesa di San Bartolomeo, I saw everything I wanted to see. Between Friday morning and Sunday afternoon, I saw:

·         The Colosseum
·         Palatine Hill (a ruin site for what’s left of some temples and legal buildings, a church, a building constructed by Caesar (religious sites and buildings constructed by the infamous emperor are the only buildings left completely in tack out of respect, as other buildings were literally taken apart stone by stone to rebuild the city elsewhere after the fall of the Roman Empire), and where Caesar was cremated (it’s a little hidden in a small cave area, but, even today, people still pay their respects and live flowers for the fallen emperor)
·         Where Caesar was assassinated (Et tu, Brute?)
·         The Vatican (climbed all the literal hundreds of stairs to the top of the Dome!) / La Pietà (which is a lot smaller than I expected, although, that may be due to the fact that no tourist is allowed within about 70ft of the statue) – Fun Fact: Those who went Sunday saw the Pope! (Didn’t click with me that he might be there, so I went Saturday morning D: )
·         The Vatican museums / The Sistine Chapel (which is also a bit smaller than what I expected, but still marvelous to see) – Side Note: The Agony and the Ecstasy, a film from the 50’s starring Charleton Heston, is a good old flick about Michelangelo painting the ceiling, for you film buffs out there… :D
·         The Trevi Fountain (tossed a coin, so hopefully I can see that church one day after all!)
·         The Pantheon
·         Piazza Navona
·         The Spanish Steps (had some great gelato here)
·         The meridian line in la Chiesa di Santa Maria
·         The statue of Moses, also by Michelangelo
·         Il Museo Centrale di Risorgimento, a military history museum and national monument constructed by and dedicated to Victor Emmanuel II (my personal favorite because of this disturbingly amazing exhibit by Ali WakWak that was inspired by the Libyan conflicts in 2011. In this exhibit, all the works were constructed out of war materials, e.g. rusting helmets, guns, and ammo)
·         And a million other churches lol
·         I also briefly saw the planetarium, but didn’t have the time to / didn’t want to pay for the ticket to properly see the one-room building

Would it surprise anyone to know that I literally took hundreds of pictures while I was there? No really. I watched the countdown on my camera. Obviously, I consider Rome an experience I hope to relive someday, and, if there’s any truth to the Trevi Fountain superstition about tossing a coin, I will.

Next entry: Venezia!

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  1. The museum of works constructed out of war materials sounds unique.